The Joy of Six: Why we love 6-a-side football

At Soccer Sixes, we get football. That understanding comes from our love of all aspects of the beautiful game: the good, the bad and even the downright ugly.

Every game is different, but we also know that wherever and whenever you play, there are certain things that will always be true.

  1. Someone always gets hit in the face with a football. It never gets tired.
  2. An old guy in a bad tracksuit will turn up and teach everyone a lesson in skill.
  3. Someone will play wearing a vintage kit – it may even have fit them in the early 90s.
  4. You WILL be worried that you will be pants compared to everyone else on the pitch.
  5. Someone will get way too angry for no good reason. It’s usually the shortest player.
  6. You will kick a wall in frustration and pretend for the rest of the game that it didn’t hurt.

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If you want to score a good deal for the Euros, get in quick

From 5pm on Saturday December 12th, football fans from England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic will be frantically making travel plans for France.

The 24-team draw for the UEFA Euro 2016 championships will dictate which of the ten venues, from Lille to Lyon will play host to the home nations.

Unfortunately airline bosses will be watching the draw as closely as the most dedicated fans. Within seconds of a team being placed, the price of flights is going to jump.

So if you’re a gambler and are determined to bag a bargain, you should get in quick and book tickets before you know where your team will play.

Of course that could all go horribly wrong so, just for fun, why not try out this Euro 2016 Draw Simulator and predict where your favourites could be playing.

When we checked, England had to take on Russia, Wales were facing off against Belgium and Northern Ireland were drawn in the group of death against Germany, Croatia and Poland.

If only football and real life were as easy to predict.

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Uckfield Soccersixes league to pilot new website

Teams from the Uckfield Soccersixes league on a Monday evening at Uckfield Leisure Centre are part of an exciting pilot scheme to test the new look Soccersixes website.

With the new season starting on Monday 14th December teams of Uckfield are being urged to register their team on the new look website and take place in the testing of the site.

New teams wishing to join the league can contact Matt on 07796696837

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