WHERE'S THE HEART IN FOOTBALL - a PFA supported campaign

At Soccer Sixes we are always happy to support our players health and wellbeing.

"We wanted to get on board with this campaign as we thought it was a fantastic idea. Raising awareness around this issue and giving our players somewhere to go if they are concerned could save lives and this is something we are always happy to get involved with" - Matt Scoffham at Soccer Sixes

We are partnering with Emily Nicholls (a final year Birmingham City University student) with her health awareness campaign Where is the HEART in Football.

“When I see in the news that another footballer has passed away on the pitch or collapsed during a game due to any heart conditions, from cardiac arrest to an undiagnosed heart condition I worry for my partner. I worry if he is aware of these issues, if him and his fellow team are aware there is help out there for them to get checked which could ultimately save their lives. This is why I wanted to spread the word that there is help out there and more research into this issue every day. If I help save just one life by someone getting screened or checking out their symptoms I know it was worth while”. – Emily Nicholls

We are aware this is an issue that spreads across all sports at all levels, but the reason we chose to raise awareness in non-league football is because there is a lack of medical help and advice there that we feel we can help with.

Every week in the UK, an estimated 8 apparently healthy young people die from an undiagnosed heart condition, with an estimated 80% of all non-traumatic sudden deaths in young competitive athletes being due to heart conditions.

Athletes regularly push themselves to their limits; because of this their hearts undergo a great deal of strain. The incidence of sudden death could therefore be greater in the athletic population

“The PFA is pleased to support this campaign to ensure that all grass roots footballers and sports participants are aware of the need to ensure that they are physically fit to take part in their chosen activity. We wish them every success in achieving their aim”. - Gordon Taylor OBE, PFA


• Dizziness

• Passing out during exercise

Here are some links to recent pieces of news that have looked into heart conditions and research into how the British Heart Foundation are working to better prevent so many deaths due to undiagnosed heart conditions:

Below is a link to CRY, an organisation who promote and develop heart screening programmes and funds medical research. CRY publishes and distributes medical information written by leading cardiologists for the general public and fund fast track referral, screening and cardiac pathology services at leading UK hospitals.

You can access their screening calendar where you can book to visit a hospital that they attend in the UK to go for a heart screening.

Website and screening calendar

See here how they are dedicated to helping athletes:

ITS NEVER TOO LATE TO KEEP UP A HEALTHY HEART – follow our social media pages and post yourself doing the keepy up challenge and help to raise awareness? #wherestheheartinfootball #keepupahealthyheart

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